Inspiration By Aradhana Misra

She is seen as harbinger of new dawn in UP congress.
She conceived as a self driven person, she embodies the true spirit of women empowerment. Having been initiated into politics as a young girl, Aradhana has been associated with UP Pradesh congress committee since her childhood days. She has inherited the rich political legacy from her father Mr. Promod tiwari, the legendry MLA from Rampur Khas, Pratapgarh. Popularly known as Politics Jubilee kumar, he is a nine time member of legislative assembly from Rampur Khas Lok sabha constituency in Pratapgarh. His name has been sent to the prestigious Guinness Book of World records for winning the seat for the 9th consecutive time on the ticket of the same party, and from same seat ( His resounding victory in successive elections is a clear indicator of his popularity amongst the masses.