Aradhana Misra Biography

Aradhana Misra, Stood firm among  a congress rout in Uttar Pradesh . She Scored her maiden Victory . Winning the Rampur Khas(Pratapgarh) Vidhan Subha Seat in a by election.  After taking oath as the newly elected  Congress MLA on 28 Wednesday 2014.

Before that she is  elected  as block Pramukh from Pratapgarh district for consecutive three terms since 2001-2006, 2006-2011 and 2011 till date, is seen as harbinger of new dawn in UP congress. Conceived as a self driven person, she embodies the true spirit of women empowerment. Having been initiated into politics as a young girl, Aradhana has been associated with UP Pradesh congress committee since her childhood days. She has inherited the rich political legacy from her father Mr Promod tiwari, Now Rajya Sabha  MP from Rampur Khas, Pratapgarh. Popularly known as Politics Jubilee kumar, he is a nine time member of legislative assembly from Rampur Khas Lok sabha constituency in Pratapgarh. His name has been sent to the prestigious Guinness Book of World records for winning the seat for the 9th consecutive time on the ticket of the same party, and from same seat( His resounding victory in successive elections is a clear indicator of his popularity amongst the masses.

It is needless to mention that Aradhana draws inspiration from her father and is perfect combination of youth and experience. Her dauntless effort and determination has given thumbs down to mafia raaj which has dominated the state for decades. Aradhana’s unbeatable victory of 3 terms truly ensures that the era of clean politics will continue. She has played vital role in organizing various state level camps, chintan Shivir and constantly participates in all concrete political activities of Congress at state unit. She was an active member of Media Campaign Committee 2012 of UP elections and has devised the media strategy for Congress and Shree Rahul Gandhi. Ms Mishra represents a dynamic youth brigade, a fresh community where every voice is heard, every idea is listened to, a platform for youth where initiative, excitement and compassion are the norm.

Brought up with a strong sense of duty to society, she possesses a demonstrable commitment and unfailing dedication towards the selfless service to humanity. The journey dates back to 1994 with pioneering initiative to set up “Saryu Samaj Kalyan Sansthan”, an NGO working for past 16 years for the most vulnerable, the differently abled people.   She is a modern Indian woman with exceptional vision who has always remained concerned about promoting education in the rural areas, with emphasis on female population, right from grass root level. Guided by an overarching mission to promote human well being through effective technical education, she is presiding over a committee of 22 educational institutes and runs one professional educational institutes ‘Ambalika Institute Of Management And Technology’ with focus on rendering employment in the rural and urban area. Her passion for community service has led to substantial improvement in the quality of life of the rural people of the state.

There are many gems studded to her crowning glory, just to mention a few she has been felicitated with the honor of “Smriti Award” for the work of upliftment of disabled people in 2008. She has been recognized by “International Achievers award” for her commendable contribution in the field of Education by Govt of Thailand in the year 2010.She is also been the receiver of “Pt Jagdish Narayan Mishra award” for her immense contribution in Social work and Media. The award was given away by Mr B L Joshi, Governor of UP. Adding further, Ms Misra has been acclaimed with “Purvaiya Samman” in 2010 by President of Mauritius Sir Anerood Jugnauth.

Aradhana is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in rural education; create a platform that positively impacts the lives of underprivileged sections of society. Today she stands as a new hope towards the fulfillment of the reality of Indian women’s emergence as a power of strength and success on the global platform.